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  • 2018 Fairmont Homes Fairmont Homes 16X60 -

    • Price:$85,000 + Sales Taxes

    SOLD 0 Re-order yours! Fairmont 2013, 16 x 60, Home built to C5A-240 code, 2 Bed 1 bath, Open concept home. Front living room, All hardwood kitchen, Patio door/ appliances. New Home! Tax rebate 7.8% back to you! Shipping info on
  • 2018 Fairmont Homes - -

    • Price:$145,000 + Sales Taxes

    28x74 Amazing show home 3bed 2 huge bath The best looking home I've seen 2x6walls thermal windows Mobile Code We can make Modular if you need
  • 2018 Fairmont Homes -

    • Price:$55,000 + Sales Taxes

    14x44 1bedroom Very nice home. Home will maintain interior temp of 70 degrees and outside temp of -142! Amazing!! 2x6 walls,thermal, windows, drywall, appliances. All new homes tax rebate 7.8% back to you!
  • 2018 Fairmont Homes - -

    • Price:$95,000 + Sales Taxes

    28x52 Show model 3bed 2bath Huge open concept Mobile home code not for basement Can be ordered in a modular
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